Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Hugh White informs me that the Jewish New Year is approaching

Too much diversity makes it hard to arrange a corporate calendar

K Ray Beauregard-Goldstein is CEO's Stan private chef. As readers of this blog know, K Ray has mixed Catholic and Jewish ethnicity and he cooks cost effective lasagna for Stan, daily. 

K Ray and I met in the elevator today and he told me that it's the Jewish New Year next week. "Happy New Year, Gloria", he said. (K Ray wears also wears a cross, to display his mixed ethnicity.)

K Ray shared with me that he embraces all the holidays of both religions  to "cash in on having such a fucked up background".

When I reached my office, standing at the door of my office was a certain Hugh White, the heterosexual White boy who heads Diversity. 

Hugh also told me that the Jewish New Year is "almost up us; it's Thursday, Gloria".

Hugh told me that the Jewish new year is a "diversity" issue, much like the Chinese new year, but the Jewish New Year is shorter.

"And they don't give each year the name of an animal, unlike the Chinese", said Hugh. "Who doesn't?", I asked. Hugh look at me in dismay.

I told Hugh that in school back in Moose Jaw, I had a classmate named Sharon Bernstein. Sharon had most of September off because of tribal holidays! Once Sharon told me that "September is a great time to be Jewish, why don't you convert, just for one month, Gloria".

I spoke to my Dad Pierre Elliot about that idea and he told me "I do not want to hear one more word from you about religion, be it yours or anyone else's, mon choux. Religion is superstition."

From an HR perspective, all these tribal holidays make planning a corporate calendar very difficult. Between the Jewish New Year and the Chinese New Year and the real New Year (Jan 1), there is not much time to work.

And I remember something else. Sharon told me that the Jewish  new years is not all that happy a time. "Our holidays entail a lot of suffering", Sharon told me. That may be why she converted after her 4th marriage. Anyway, Sharon became an IT guru in medium size data, and I lost contact with her.

שנה טובה לקוראים 
אלון וגלוריה

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